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Posts by Jeffery Luhn

Terri Rago

Jeffery and I have had a productive business relationship for many years. We first began working together on the Worlds of Wonder Initial Public offering, which was the largest toy company stock opening in history, up to that point. When I began with Sony Corporation on the product launch for the PlayStation game system, Jeffery…

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George Gutierrez

I began working with Jeffery Luhn while I was at U.S. Data Corp. a data storage, archiving and retrieval company. He produced training materials for us. In my position as IT Team Supervisor at Chevron, directing several development groups at once, it became necessary to have a contractor that was skilled in collecting customer information,…

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Leonard Greer

My name is Leonard Greer and I am a Technical Project Manager for AT&T. I’ve worked on many projects with Jeffery over the course of 17 years. He is very good at developing communications programs for customer support, executive reporting, training, location evaluations and investor presentations. His writing skills are exemplary. The fact that he…

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Wendy Erickson

I have worked closely with Jeffery Luhn for the past three years. He was written many articles for photo technique Magazine, and he is a joy to work with. An innovative thinker with excellent knowledge of current marketplace trends, he is extremely reliable and has always been on time with his writing assignments. Jeff comes…

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Soldiers shot my brother! How to produce instant ancestors.

Relax, he’s not my brother. Someone at a Civil War re-enactment cheerfully asked me, “Can you photograph my brother being executed by a firing squad?” So I did. I would never allow my own brother to be shot by a firing squad, he owes me money. So what’s this lesson all about? This lesson is…

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The Simplest Lighting in the World

Is there really such a thing as the “simplest lighting in the world?” Yes, there is. It has many names, but I’ll call it SOFT SIDE LIGHTING (SSL) for the purpose of this lesson. SSL is very plentiful. Of course direct sun is even more plentiful, but SSL is much more attractive. You can find…

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Shooting Tips: Gathering Photo Assets

When you’re building anything, whether it’s a house or a photo album, you’ll be using components. For the house project, you’ll go to the lumberyard, the hardware store, the garden supply store and many other places to get objects that seem unrelated until they’re assembled. In this blog we’ll show you how that same approach…

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Beyond the Family Photograph – Finding Inspiration

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably the designated family photographer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you’re the person with the best camera. Everyone relies upon you to make them look good and document all the important events. It can be a drag to view life through an LCD screen.…

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