George Gutierrez

I began working with Jeffery Luhn while I was at U.S. Data Corp. a data storage, archiving and retrieval company. He produced training materials for us.

In my position as IT Team Supervisor at Chevron, directing several development groups at once, it became necessary to have a contractor that was skilled in collecting customer information, organizing it into training materials, and delivering it to groups. Jeffery is very good at that process and we used him extensively.

Other Chevron projects included the managing of Downstream ‘Supply’ (ship, pipeline and tank truck scheduling), the reporting of customer feedback, incident documentation, and quality control findings needed to be translated into graphics for quick communication with senior executives. This involved video, photography and sound recording in various situations. Jeffery was able to contribute to presentations in ways that our in-house people could not accomplish. Much of the material he produced was also used for marketing and promotions.

Jeffery Luhn works well with different types of people to get the job done. His artistic approach elevates dry subject matter into interesting content. I recommend him for any type of corporate work.